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Monday, March 19, 2012

Kongress Wien 2012: Die Zukunft der Logotherapie

LogoTalk Radio wishes to thank Dr. Alexander Batthyany for his warm reception and support of LogoTalk Radio.  LogoTalk Radio is honored to have been part of this historic event.

The following sound files are the first raw audio archives from Congress Vienna 2012:  The Future of Logotherapy.  More audio archives will become available in the coming weeks.

Please note that each file is in German, English and Spanish.  Please be patient as translation takes place.

Assoc. Prof. Alexander Batthyany, Ph.D.
Conference Opening  
Eleonore Frankl, Hon.D.
Greeting Message

Assoc.-Prof. William F. Evans, Ph.D. (USA)
Keynote: The World Still Cries for Meaning - Are We Still Listening?

Prof. Geronimo Acevedo, Ph.D. (Argentina)
Prof. David Guttmann, Ph.D. (Israel)
Prof. Katsutaro Nagata, M.D., Ph.D. (Japan)
Prof. Kazimierz Popielski, Ph.D. (Poland)
Irmeli Sjolie, Ph.D. (Finland)
Giosch Albrecht, Ph.D. (Switzerland)
Round Table Discussion / Plenary Session

Assoc. Prof. Alexander Batthyany, Ph.D. (Austria)
Summary and Outlook: The Next Future of Logotherapy Conference 2014


  1. This is excellent Marshall, great work. I was so disappointed not to be able to make it to Vienna due to financial constraints, and you have done us a great service by making this available to us. Thank you!


    David Hallowell

  2. Great job Marshall!! Thanks!!

  3. Thanks for this podcast. And thanks for the translation to Spanish. Regards from Galicia (Spain)