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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Episode 12: 1985 Interview with Dr. Viktor E. Frankl

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Welcome to Episode 12 of LogoTalk.Net. It is hard to believe that the world's first and only podcast on Viktor Frankl and logotherapy is now one year old. We now have over 4 hours of podcast material. Each podcast is downloaded an average of 68 times.

As we look forward to 2010, we have some improvements planned:

Presently, Logotalk is uploaded as an .mp3, or an audio only podcast. Beginning in January, Logotalk will become an "enhanced" podcast, or .mp4, allowing pictures, graphs, text, or links to be embedded into the audio soundtrack.

If you currently enjoy the podcast on an audio only .mp3 player, you will notice no change and will continue to receive LogoTalk.Net as you always have. If you listen on a computer, or on a video capable .mp3 player, then the enhanced content will be automatically available.

All the Links from Episode 12:

Because of the enhanced content capability, the LogoTalk.Net podcast will also be available on YouTube at:

This will not change current Logotalk delivery. Current users will continue to receive LogoTalk through the iTunes music store, news readers, email subscriptions, and direct downloads from this blog.

You can follow us on Twitter at:

from which you will receive "tweets" when new podcasts are available.

Finally, a compilation of all the 2009 LogoTalk.Net podcasts will soon be available for purchase for your archive or library at:

Finally, the 1985 interview with Dr. Viktor E. Frankl on South African television has been found here:

Click here to download Episode 12: 1985 Interview with Dr. Viktor E. Frankl

Thank you for listening. Please email any questions or comments to and may you have a meaningful day.