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Friday, March 19, 2010

#15 Interview with Sharise Parviz

LogoTalk.Net is delighted and honored to be joined today by Sharise Parviz, an actress and dancer, fitness and nutrition enthusiast, and home schooling mother of three.

Sharise graduated magna cum laude from Wright State University with a degree in the fine arts. She has won an Irene Ryan Award for her stage work in The Overcoat and has been nominated for her work in Good Night Desdimona and 1913: The Great Dayton Flood. Her extensive television and film credits include The Manson Family, Duplicate, Curse of the Smoke O’Lantern and The Crow: Purgatory II. She has performed in over a dozen leading roles. Named the "Conservative Bombshell," she also currently produces her own political satire show called RESTRAINED NO MORE, SILENT NO LONGER with her film company Fantasy Films, LLC.

Sharise has faced many struggles including bulimia, depression, and domestic violence. She has found the strength to overcome through being true to her spirit. In a statement immediately understandable to any logotherapist, Sharise says, “I have come to learn through experience that a lot of time and pain can be saved if we heed our spirit’s calling.” And heed it she has! With a fighting spirit, Sharise looks for ways to make a difference in the world by fighting for what is right and protecting the weak. She is motivated by passion and purpose. What is that purpose? Sharise states, “Not quite sure…I just know it is there and when the time comes my purpose will be revealed. Until then, I just pursue!”

Sharise's website is:

She also maintains a health and fitness blog called Balancing Act:

Sharise's fine sense of humor can be found at her political satire site, Restrained No More:

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