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Sunday, June 23, 2019

#88: Interview with Dr. Anja Elfrida Hald

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"Imagine discovering meaning and values every day that enrich and support employees, leaders and companies to make a healthier workplace. We are the leading global partners working with new concepts of finding meaning and values in modern workplaces of the twenty-first century." Learn more from Dr. Anja Hald on LogoTalk Radio!

Dr. Anja Hald holds a Master of Public Administration degree and earned her PhD with A Field Analysis of Skills Development and Job Positions in the Labor Market. She earned the advanced diploma in Meaning-Centered Therapy (logotherapy) from the Viktor Frankl Institute Australia. She is the Co-founder of, an international non-profit organization, and Founder of the Center for Meaning in Denmark. She is Senior Project Manager for MedTech Innovation Consortium and has wide experience in C-suite corporate and university environments.

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Viktor Frankl and the Book for Job: A Search for Meaning by Marshall H. Lewis with foreword by Alexander BatthyƔny is now available from Pickwick Publications.

“A bold and ambitious reading that respects the text of Job as much as it does the texts of Frankl, the book uses Frankl to construct a new hermeneutic of reading.”
— C. Fred Alford, Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland, College Park, and author of After the Holocaust: The Book of Job, Primo Levi, and the Path to Affliction.

“It is destined to become a classic both due to its original line of thought and the rarely found blend of sensitivity and knowledge so impressively present throughout its chapters.”
— Prof. Dr. Alexander BatthyĆ”ny, Endowed Viktor Frankl Chair for Philosophy and Psychology, Liechtenstein.

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