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Sunday, June 9, 2013

#54: Logotherapy and Existential Hermeneutics: Background

Next week at World Congress XIX on Viktor Frankl's Logotherapy: Inspiring Meaning-Centered Living in Diverse Disciplines, Cultures and Wisdom Traditions, I have the privilege of presenting From Turmoil to Transcendence:  The Book of Job and the Will to Wisdom based on my recently completed PhD dissertation on logotherapy and hermeneutics.  During that presentation, I intend to outline what a logotherapy hermeneutic is, and then engage logotherapy in a dialogue with the Biblical Book of Job.  I find the discoveries both about the Book of Job and about logotherapy to be quite startling.  

Spiral bound, paper-only copies of the dissertation will also be available at the World Congress bookstore for $20.00. There are only 15 copies available, so I’ll accept pre-orders by email to

In this podcast, I share a bit of background on what a hermeneutic is, and what it has to do with logotherapy.  I also talk about types of hermeneutics, as well as postmodernism, and explore how Frankl’s theory fits with those constructs.  Most of this material will not be part of the presentation next week, and both this episode and the presentation are free-standing, but listening to this episode before the presentation will give those who attend a fuller understanding of the overall project.

Links from this month's podcast:

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Upcoming Conferences on Logotherapy and Existential Analysis:

First World Congress for Existential Psychotherapy in London, May 14-17, 2015.

In 2013:
If you are a presenter at the 19th World Congress and would like to have your lecture recorded for LogoTalk Radio, please contact me to make arrangements.  If you are not a presenter, but have a logotherapy initiative that you think would make a good topic for a LogoTalk interview, and you plan to attend the World Congress, contact me to make arrangements for a live interview. Finally, if you are a presenter at one of the congresses I am not attending, you can still make a recording for use on the show.

Thank you for listening. Please email any questions or comments to and may you have a meaningful day.