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Monday, September 7, 2009

Episode 9: Conscience and the Spiritual Unconscious

Of Interest to Logotherapists:

Radio National's podcast All in Mind has a fascinating portrayal of 1900 Vienna available here:

and here:

Definition of Terms:

Self: The core of our being, distinctly human, of an existential quality, associated with consciousness and responsibility. Cannot be reduced solely to the ego.

Conscience: Arises from the spiritual unconscious, of a transcendent quality, involves dialog with a transpersonal agent that we may or may not call God. Cannot be reduced solely to the superego.

Spiritual Unconscious: The unconscious aspect of the core of our being, the source of conscience, love, humor, artistic expression.

Unique Quality of Phenomena Arising from the Spiritual Unconscious:

Conscience: Acts as a compass, pointing us toward the one unique meaning that a concrete situation calls for.

Love: Allows us to see, or know, the potentials that are unique to the beloved, and to call forth the actualization of those potentials.

Artistic Conscience: Allows for the unique expression of meanings.

Click here to download Episode 9: Conscience and the Spiritual Unconscious.

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