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Monday, June 22, 2009

Episode 6: Reflections on the 17th World Congress

The Seventeenth World Congress on Viktor Frankl's Logotherapy was held June 17-21, 2009, in Dallas, Texas. The theme of this Congress was "Finding Meaning and Purpose in Times of Global Change, Crisis, and Chaos."

Over 200 persons representing 36 nations were present. Despite all our differences of culture and language, we were united in Spirit as we continue to bring the work of Viktor Frankl to the world. blogged live each night from Dallas. Those posts were originally on this blog, but now are linked below:

Live Blogging, World Congress, Day 1
Live Blogging, World Congress, Day 2
Live Blogging, World Congress, Day 3
Live Blogging, World Congress, Day 4
Live Blogging, World Congress, Day 5

In general, these blogs represent the shownotes for LogoTalk Episode 6.

Mentioned in the podcast, but not on the blogs above, is the following information:

Dr. Emina Karamanovski has completed eModes: Tools for Emotional Health and Understanding just in time for the World Congress. This is a deck of 50 emotional message cards that will help you develop the ability to listen to your emotions in a completely different way. The cards will help you learn how to identify and understand your emotions so that you no longer feel the need to fight, suppress, or unconsciously react to your emotions. eModes are helpful alone, and also make a great companion to Dr. Karamanovski's successful book, Emotions Simplified.

Both are available at

Also mentioned in this podcast is the current situation in Iran. At the Congress, Hadi Asghari, a former Iranian military officer, talked about his years of imprisonment following the Iranian Revolution. Walking, and even running now, Mr. Asghari remains an enduring testament to the defiant power of the human spirit.

Videos currently coming from the election protests in Iran can be found here on YouTube:

Click here to download Episode 6: Reflections on the 17th World Congress.

Thank you for listening. Please email any questions or comments to the address to the left. And may you have a meaningful day.