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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

#65: The Viktor Frankl Center Vienna with Susanne Martin and Karl König

Mrs. Susanne Martin and Mr. Karl König join us in this episode to tell us more about the work of the Viktor Frankl Zentrum Wien.

Mrs. Susanne Martin holds the master of arts degree in German Studies and is a logotherapy counselor.  She is assistant of the board of the Viktor Frankl Center and is responsible for coordinating and organizing all affairs of the Center.  She has been with the Center since 2007.

Mr. Karl König is a specialist in Business Education and worked for over 20 years as a sales representative in the medical field.  He also lived in the United States, in Flagstaff, Arizona, for seven years, returning to his native Austria in 2006.  Now retired from work, he is a meaning-centered counselor and voluntary team member at the Center.

The Viktor Frankl Center Vienna (Viktor Frankl Zentrum Wien) aims to preserve and disseminate the lifework of Viktor E. Frankl in all spheres of society, and to integrate the basic ideas of logotherapy into applied disciplines such as medicine, psychotherapy, philosophy, education, and economics through:

1. lectures, seminars and courses at the Centre
2. specialists who speak in companies, institutions, schools and educational centres about how to apply logotherapy in the respective fields
3. acting as a contact point for scientists, researchers, and undergraduate and graduate students from Austria and abroad
4. organizing events, video presentations and discussions at the Centre
5. organizing interdisciplinary public symposia
6. acting as a contact point for persons in psychological distress; although the VIKTOR FRANKL CENTRE is not a treatment or therapeutic facility, it can provide a list of logotherapists and physicians who are recognized psychotherapists in Austria to whom patients may be referred
7. maintaining a comprehensive library and documentation centre about the life and work of Frankl and about the international history of logotherapy, including a large selection of works from related areas
8. maintaining a media library at the Centre of audio and video recordings about logotherapy and about the life of Frankl
9. maintaining a museum and archive about Frankl’s life and work

Viktor Frankl Zentrum Wien can be found on the web at

The Second Future of Logotherapy Conference can be found on the web at

Thank you for listening. Please email any questions or comments to and may you have a meaningful day.