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Friday, May 1, 2009

Episode 5: Interview with Dr. Emina Karamanovski is pleased to welcome Emina Karamanovski, MD, to the podcast. A native of Serbia, Dr. Karamanovski completed her medical training at the University of Belgrade. She is a diplomat in Logotherapy, a certified practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming, HeartMath techniques, and is coach certified.

Dr. Karamanovski is a pioneer in the field of using emotions to their fullest potential. Realizing the importance of emotions, Dr. Karamanovski studied many different methods of positive thinking and emotional management, personally testing each one, before developing her own unique approach to strengthening emotional intelligence. Her approach is innovative: emotions are messengers, and by understanding their messages we can improve our emotional intelligence. Her teaching is empowering. Once we learn the language of emotions, we gain the ability to deliberately choose our feelings and thus decide how to emotionally engage life.

More can be learned about Dr. Karamanovski by visiting her website:

Dr. Karamanovski's book Emotions Simplified is available at:


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Thank you for listening, and may you have a meaningful day.