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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Episode 1: Welcome to LogoTalk

Welcome to the first podcast about Logotherapy and Franklian Psychology. This first podcast gives some biographical information on Viktor Frankl and discusses my interest in Logotherapy. Future podcasts will focus on various aspects of Franklian Psychology.

Logotherapy is the English term used to describe the therapeutic approach of Viktor Frankl. Logotherapy relies on the defiant power of the human spirit to face adversity and to find meaning in any and all circumstances.

Click here to download Episode 1.


  1. Hello Dr Lewis and thank you for this podcast! The download link for this podcast episode seems to be not working. It would be cool to download this when it's linked again : ) all the best mate

  2. Greetings! This link should now be working properly. Enjoy!

  3. Hi Marshall, I heard you on Wise Counsel podcast and decided to follow you up. I plan to gradually listen my way through these podcasts.

    Frankl interests me because he speaks of values - most psychotherapy I think treats any value as 'just another introject'. It can get away with this because psychotherapy is mostly done with nice people in civilised situations I think. But this amoral stance is pretty frightening otherwise - it seems sociopathic or psychopathic to me.

    The challenge for me is how not to turn values into just another straight-jacket of stupid shoulds.

    So this is my interest in Frankl. I especially like the 3 meanings in the moment you talked about on Dr Dave's podcast. I guess my question is about how to relate these to 'ultimate meaning'.

    Looking forward to listening to the rest of the podcasts.

  4. Hi Evan, I am glad you enjoyed the Wise Counsel interview. In fact, I did, too! It was great fun working with Dr. Dave on that!

    I think you have struck some important chords in your post. I agree that most psychotherapy tries to be amoral. I believe this is borrowed from empirical science that also may be described as amoral. The same conclusions follow - the same scientific method that leads to cures for diseases can also develop ever more new ways to kill.

    As I understand it, the distinction between the meaning of the moment and ultimate meaning defines the difference between Frankl's logotherapy and religion/spirituality. One falls within the bounds of purely human understanding and the other does not. As such, Frankl left questions of ultimate meaning to religion. However, though there is no guarantee, some have found that becoming more attuned to the meaning of the moment - over time - may provide some hints about the ultimate meaning of one's own life.

    I hope you do enjoy these podcasts. There is some variety here as I started making them soon after I first started reading Frankl. Feel free to stay in touch, make comments, offer criticism, ask questions. May you find logotherapy as fascinating as I do!

    Best Regards,

  5. Thanks Marshall. I've listened to a few episodes. I like the 20 minute format.

    The difference between ultimate and in the moment meaning reminds me of Kierkegaard's leap of faith. I'm not sure about the leap - on one hand I think it is true on the other I find it unsatisfactory because it puts 'spirituality' in some kind of irrational space.

    Looking forward to listening to more of the podcasts